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Affordable Custom Designed Websites for Small Businesses.

Your website is your most valuable tool to target potential customers and generate business leads. A visitors first impression dictates if they will continue browsing or will click away to your competitors websites. Therefore, it is essential that the content, navigation and overall design of the site resonates with the visitor.

Gravity Design Inc. is a Toronto-based digital design studio that builds custom websites that are designed to engage the intended audience and entice them to want to learn more about the business. We design and develop websites of all sizes with a focus on meeting the individual business objectives set out by our clients.

Building Your Brand Identity

Gravity Design creates distinctive logos for clients that capture the essence of their business, but a brand is more than a great logo. Building a brand requires a consistent creative approach when communicating across all platforms. Whether it is a website, business card, a social media post or a trade show booth, etc., there needs to be a unified look that reinforces brand recognition with your target audience.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

What is your strategy to get visitors to your website? SEO best practices will improve your Google rankings but additional targeted marketing initiatives will provide a better opportunity to build an audience. There are a number of avenues to explore when looking to drive traffic to your website. Gravity Design has worked with customers on projects that span various digital and print mediums, all designed to get the message in front of the right audience and drive them to explore the client’s website.

Customer Kudos

Customer Kudos

“We couldn’t do this without you! Here we are another year back at NAB after several months of great work done by a team of which you are very important members. Thank you so much for being on top of all the work requests and for lobbing back such great results no matter what we throw at you!”
Mia Andrews
“I can always count on Gravity Design to bring work to the table that is current, fresh and closely aligned to our brand. Add to this that Gravity Design is able to provide fully integrated marketing campaigns, is able to work on extremely tight deadlines, and always provides the most competitive cost/value of any design firm I’ve worked with, and it will come as no surprise that Gravity Design has been, and will continue to be, my first choice for professional, impactful and affordable design services!”
David Price
“What an amazing experience it has been working with Gravity Design. They are always responsive, take great care in the details and are extremely easy to work with. Through their creative expertise and impressive ability to adapt to our changing audiences, Gravity has helped us develop professional and insightful material for our customers. They have proven they get it! I look forward to our continued partnership.”
Amanda Hahn
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